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Product no.: OA1176D
Recorded live at the Shakespeare’s Globe, May 2014.
Director: Jonathan Munby; Antony: Clive Wood; Cleopatra: Eve Best
£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1174D
Recorded live at the Shakespeare’s Globe, July 2014.
Director: Dominic Dromgoole; Julius Caesar: George Irving
£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1186D

Love’s Labour’s Won or Much Ado About Nothing

Royal Shakespeare Company, Director: Simon Godwin; Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1193BD

Containing Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost and Love’s Labours Won, this double set features outstanding Royal Shakespeare Company productions directed by Christopher Luscombe

£38.95 *
Product no.: OA1202D
Royal Shakespeare Company
Shylock Makram J. Khoury
Nerissa Nadia Albina
Jessica Scarlett Brookes
Portia Patsy Ferran
Salerio Owen Findlay
Bassanio Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Jailer David Ajao
Antonio Jamie Ballard
Lorenzo James Corrigan
Citizen of Venice Eva Feiler
Leonardo/Servant Guy Hughes
Aragon Brian Protheroe
Director Polly Findlay
Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, May 2015.


£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1206D

Royal Shakespeare Company: King Henry V Alex Hassell; Queen Isobel Jane Lapotaire; Mistress Quickly Sarah Parks; Alice Leigh Quinn; Bardolph/Fluellen Joshua Richards; King of France Simon Thorp; Pistol Anthony Byrne; Exeter Sean Chapman; Chorus Oliver Ford Davies; Dauphin Robert Gilbert

Directed by Gregory Doran and Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, March 2015.

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1218D

Shakespeare set this darkest of comedies in Vienna to cloak a scathing critique of hypocrisy in the corrupt authority of his own London. Purity and mercy do win out in the end, but not before audiences are treated to the lighter side of depravity in a ‘riotously enjoyable’ (The Independent) ‘crowd-pleasing saucy romp’ (Evening Standard). In this, his Globe Theatre farewell, Director Dominic Dromgoole’s ‘buoyant production’ (Guardian) casts a Mariah Gale ‘so centred and self-possessed that Isabella’s conviction seems to reach every corner of the house without once turning cloying’ (New York Times).

This was the last production staged by outgoing Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole, Recorded live at the Shakespeare’s Globe, 2015. Featuring extra 'A Cast Gallery'

‘‘A production that gives us light as well as shade...Dromgoole’s production really sings.’’ Time Out

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1160D

Recorded live at Shakespeare’s Globe, May 2015, directed by Jonathan Munby and with choreography by Lucy Hind

Shylock:Jonathan Pryce / Portia:Rachel Pickup / Bassanio:Daniel Lapaine / Antonio:Dominic Mafham

Together with Phoebe Pryce, David Sturzaker, Brian Martin, Christopher Logan, Ben Lamb, Scott Karim, Philip Cox, Stefan Adegbola

‘‘Jonathan Pryce is electrifyingly good… Jonathan Munby’s production really sings.’’ Time Out

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1217D

Directed by Simon Godwin and recorded live at Shakespeare’s Globe, July 2015

Richard II Charles Edwards
Salisbury Henry Everett
John of Gaunt William Gaunt
Northumberland Jonny Glynn
Bolingbroke David Sturzaker
Duke of York William Chubb
Duchess of Gloucester Sasha Waddell
Duchess of York Sarah Woodward

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1164D

Royal Shakespeare Company production, Directed by Simon Godwin

Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, June 2016

Hamlet ~ Paapa Essiedu
Laertes ~ Marcus Griffiths
Polonius ~ Cyril Nri
Ophelia ~ Natalie Simpson
Claudius ~ Clarence Smith
Gertrude ~ Tanya Moodie
Horatio ~ Hiran Abeysekera
Rosencrantz ~ James Clooney
Guildenstern ~ Bethan Cullinane

Hamlet has the world at his feet. Young, wealthy and living a hedonistic life studying abroad. Then word reaches him that his father is dead. Returning home he finds his world is utterly changed, his certainties smashed and his home a foreign land. Struggling to understand his place in a new world order he faces a stark choice. Submit, or rage against the injustice of his new reality. Simon Godwin directs Paapa Essiedu as Hamlet in Shakespeare's searing tragedy. As relevant today as when it was written, Hamlet confronts each of us with the mirror of our own mortality in an imperfect world.

"…an utterly engaging performance by Paapa Essiedu." The Times

"This is a landmark production: Paapa Essiedu is the first black actor to play Hamlet for the RSC in its 55-year history. He is charismatic, capricious and compelling: an impulsive, arresting presence at the heart of a production that reframes the dilemmas in the play by setting it in an unnamed African state." The Financial Times

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1199D

Shakespeare’s Globe production directed by Blanche McIntyre

Recorded live at the Shakespeare’s Globe, June 2015.

Antipholus of Syracuse ~ Simon Harrison
Antipholus of Ephesus ~ Matthew Needham
Dromio of Ephesus ~ Jamie Wilkes
Dromio of Syracuse ~ Brodie Ross
Adriana ~ Hattie Ladbury
Luciana ~ Becci Gemmell

Based on a farce by the Roman playwright Plautus, The Comedy of Errors is the Bard’s most madcap comedy – a work full of slapstick humour and rich characterisation that centres around two sets of identical twins accidentally separated at birth. Featuring Renaissance costumes as well as contemporaneous staging, Blanche McIntyre’s debut production for the Globe ‘sparkles with wit and invention’ (WhatsOnStage), with standout performances from Matthew Needham (‘who brings a compelling fluency’ to the role of Antipholus of Ephesus’), Simon Harrison as his bewildered brother, and Hattie Ladbury who ‘elegantly articulates the lofty ideals and passions of his wife Adriana’ (Evening Standard)

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1185D

Royal Shakespeare Company production directed by Christopher Luscombe

Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, March 2015.

King of Navarre ~ Sam Alexander
Gamekeeper ~ Peter Basham
Longaville ~ William Belchambers
Berowne ~ Edward Bennett
Costard ~ Nick Haverson
Jaquenetta ~ Emma Manton
Don Armado ~ John Hodgkinson
Dumaine ~ Tunji Kasim

Summer 1914. In order to dedicate themselves to a life of study, the King and his friends take an oath to avoid the company of women for three years. No sooner have they made their idealistic pledge than the Princess of France and her ladies-inwaiting arrive, presenting the men with a severe test of their high-minded resolve.

Shakespeare's sparkling comedy delights in championing and then unravelling an unrealistic vow, and mischievously suggesting that the study of the opposite sex is in fact the highest of all academic endeavours.

"This is the most blissfully entertaining and emotionally involving RSC offering I’ve seen in ages." The Daily Telegraph

"This is, in its entirety, an endeavour that sings: poignant, impassioned and gorgeous ... Brilliantly comic, extraordinarily powerful" The Times

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1142D

Royal Shakespeare Company production directed by Gregory Doran

Recorded live at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon November 2013.

David Tennant ~ Richard
Nigel Lindsay ~ Bolingbroke
Oliver Ford Davies ~ Duke of York
Michael Pennington ~ John of Gaunt
Emma Hamilton ~ The Queen
Jane Lapotaire ~ Duchess of Gloucester
Elliot Barnes-Worrell ~ Groom
Antony Byrne ~ Mowbray
Sean Chapman ~ Northumberland
Marty Cruickshank ~ Duchess of York
Gracy Goldman ~ Lady in Waiting
Marcus Griffiths ~ Greene
Jim Hooper ~ Bishop of Carlisle
Youssef Kerkour ~ Willoughby
Jake Mann ~ Bagot
Sam Marks ~ Bushy
Miranda Nolan ~ Lady in Waiting
Keith Osborn ~ Scroop
Joshua Richards ~ Ross/Lord Marshall
Oliver Rix ~ Aumerle
Simon Thorp ~ Salisbury
Edmund Wiseman ~ Harry Percy

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1136D

Shakespeare’s Globe production directed by Dominic Dromgoole with music by Claire van Kampen

Recorded live at Shakespeare’s Globe, London June 2013.

Oberon / Theseus ~ John Light
Bottom ~ Pearce Quigley
Titania / Hippolyta ~ Michelle Terry
Lysander ~ Luke Thompson
Puck ~ Matthew Tennyson
Snout ~ Tom Lawrence
Flute ~ Christopher Logan
Helena ~ Sarah MacRae

Hermia loves Lysander and Helena loves Demetrius - but Demetrius is supposed to be marrying Hermia... When the Duke of Athens tries to enforce the marriage, the lovers take refuge in the woods and wander into the midst of a dispute between the king and queen of the fairies.

Shakespeare put some of his most dazzling dramatic poetry at the service of this teasing, glittering, hilarious and amazingly inventive play, whose seriousness is only fleetingly glimpsed beneath its dreamlike surface. Michelle Terry won the 2011 Olivier Award for her portrayal of Sylvia in Tribes (Royal Court). Michelle returns to the Globe having previously played the Princess of France in Love’s Labours Lost (2007).

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1111D

Shakespeare’s Globe production directe by Tim Carroll with music by Claire Van Kampen

Recorded live at Shakespeare’s Globe, June 2012

Samuel Barnett, Liam Brennan, Paul Chahidi, John Paul Connolly, Ian Drysdale, Johnny Flynn, Stephen Fry, James Garnon, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Colin Hurley, Roger Lloyd Pack, Mark Rylance, Jethro Skinner, Ben Thompson

One of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies, Twelfth Night was ‘blissfully reborn’ (Telegraph) for the 2012/13 season at London’s Globe Theatre, under the direction of Tim Carroll. The hilarious tale of misdirection and deception is performed here by an all-male cast, among whom we find Mark Rylance as Olivia and Roger Lloyd-Pack as Sir Anthony Aguecheek. The production also marks Stephen Fry’s triumphant return to the stage as the pompous Malvolio, ridiculous in his yellow stockings.

£21.95 *
Product no.: OA1092BD

Globe Theatre productions, 4 DVD box set collection

Henry IV (Parts I & II) directed by Dominic Dromgoole with Roger Allam, Jamie Parker

Henry VIII directed by Mark Rosenblatt with Miranda Raison, Dominic Rowan, Anthony Howell

The Merry Wives Of Windsor directed by Christopher Luscombe with Christopher Benjamin, Serena Evans, Sarah Woodward

£54.95 *
Product no.: COR16094

The BBCs groundbreaking Sacred Music programme

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen join Simon Russell Beale for two special Christmas programmes that look beyond the familiar carols and festive songs to reveal two millennia of music and texts from across Europe.


Simon Russell Beale takes a journey through Italy, Britain, Germany and Austria as he explores how the sound of Christmas has evolved in response to changing ideas about the Nativity. His story takes us through two millennia of music, from a fragment of papyrus preserving the earliest known piece of Christian music to the stories behind Hark! the herald angels sing, Silent Night and In the bleak midwinter, and the work of popular Christmas composer, John Rutter all performed by Harry Christophers and The Sixteen.


Simon Russell Beale introduces a programme of choral music for Christmas from across the centuries, featuring performances of some of the works featured in the accompanying documentary. Harry Christophers and The Sixteen, perform music including J.S. Bach's harmonisation of the medieval carol In dulci jubilo, A spotless rose by Herbert Howells and the Christmas text O magnum mysterium, set as a motet by Tomás Luis de Victoria.

£15.95 *
Product no.: OA1232D

Gregory Doran's production with Antony Sher as Lear

£21.95 *
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